Local Schools and Organizations have Customers who want to spend at your business in exchange of a small back!

Local Businesses

We are only looking for Community Minded Local Businesses!

The small support you give the community when you participate in a fundraising campaign gets reciprocated and helps your businesses! We believe that it’s better to give back than discount your products and services.

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See how we help Businesses

For business owners it can get tricky guarding bottom lines while getting the word out that you’re open for business. Larger businesses have resources to keep up with tech trends (social media, flashy websites) while small “Mom & Pops” can get overwhelmed deciding where to put their marketing dollar to grow their business.

thinknlocal promotes businesses while helping anchor them as community partners. After all, aren’t you more likely to support a business that’s supporting your nephew’s baseball team?

Plus, our mobile app technology effortlessly expands the marketing reach of businesses without owners having to invest in web designers or social media corporate accounts. Win-win!

We help businesses participate in their community by:

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We help businesses participate in their community by:

  • Give back to the community

    helping them partner with local schools & organizations.

  • Not burden operations

    allowing fundraisers to take place over an extended period -no more customer rush that overburdens staff.

  • Stand out among your competitors

    promoting their business in our exclusive community business directory.

  • Attract new customers

    attracting new customers from partner organizations and schools while motivating existing customers to shop more often.

We help expand
marketing reach

helping businesses get noticed in the community.

  • Supporters Love

    promoting partnerships with local organizations on all social media and via email campaigns.

  • Point of Pride

    providing point-of-purchase postcards & window decals identifying a business as a proud thinknlocal community partner.

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I was skeptical

I’m glad that I did! The fundraiser that we took part in raised the funds that it needed (even during Covid), and we got a bunch of new customers who would not have found out about us otherwise.

Auraganic Juicery

Easy to use & track

App is easy to use and super cool we can track the fundraiser’s progress to goal right on the app. Nice job to this app!

Marijane Chuang
Owner – Petwants Chino Hills

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