• Tell us your story!
    • Thinknlocal wants to help you build a personal connection with the members of your local community who are or may soon be your customers. Tell us the story of your business. How did you get started? What are you proud of? Who are the special members of your team? I.E. “Locally owned and operated in Chino Hills, our family business is excited to give back to the community we have proudly served for two generations.” By sharing some unique details of your business with thinknlocal, we can pass your story along to the community who you are helping to support.
    • Help us get more eyes on your business by sharing photos of your establishment, products, services or team with us. We’ll utilize these visual elements when featuring your business on social media or email campaigns.
  • Tell us your “Why”.
    • Why is it important to your business to give back to your local community? By partnering with thinknlocal you send a message to your community that your business gives back. We want your community to know why you’ve chosen to go above and beyond for them. Tell us what motivates you to support local fundraisers with thinknlocal and we’ll make sure your community knows too!
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