We promote businesses while helping anchor them in the community.

  • We partner businesses with local schools and non-profit organizations.
  • We publicize partnerships with local organizations in the community.
  • We help attract new customers while helping maintain relationships with existing clientele.

Become a participating business

Organizations & Schools

We help local organizations and schools fund their causes by matching them up with businesses wanting to rally behind them.

  • Coordinating fundraisers is simple and efficient.

  • We promote your organization, its mission, and your specific fundraising cause.

  • Your organization is actually supporting local businesses while you fundraise..

Fund your cause


We promote “Shop Local” helping residents increase sales tax revenue for their city.

  • Increased revenue for the city means improved infrastructure and local services & amenities enjoyed by all.

  • Easily lend your support to local businesses, schools, AND non-profit causes.

  • Help foster a real sense of community where partnerships and mutual support benefit everyone.

Support your community

City Hall

We make it easy for City Hall to show its support of local businesses, who are supporting local schools and organizations.

  • Help strengthen community engagement among businesses, organizations & schools.

  • Enjoy the economic benefits of the “Shop Local” messaging promoted through our platform.

  • Make your city a more attractive place to live and do business.

Support your city

Everyone wins!

You’ll see how the efforts of each community stakeholder, whether a resident, non-profit organization or local business, can have a meaningful impact on the well-being of the community and the recovery of the local economy.

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Bruce Miller Testimonial

Easiest and Most Rewarding Fundraiser!

Working with Thinknlocal was an incredible experience. Not only is their app extremely friendly to use, their staff and founders respond quickly to questions and will even help troubleshoot if necessary. Being able to raise money for a cause while also giving back to the community was an incredible opportunity. I highly highly recommend this app and this company.


Paws4Success Non Profit

Our platform builds partnerships and strengthens businesses

Community At Heart

Connect with the community on the thinknlocal platform

We connect local businesses with organizations and schools to make fundraising easy and efficient.

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Community benefits continues growing as more schools, organizations and local businesses start thinknlocal.

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