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Great parks, nicely paved streets (no potholes!), swim lessons at the rec center and fully staffed city services departments are things we, as residents, look for and expect from our city. Maybe we don’t think about it too often, but these things make our cities attractive places to live and visit.

thinknlocal helps increase city sales tax revenue that goes right back into these local amenities we all need and appreciate.

And residents are at the heart of the community cycle we help create –they contribute to it and they benefit. Residents support businesses that are supporting schools and organizations; and their local shopping dollars support city infrastructure that in turn improves their quality of life. Win-win-win!

Communities Served: City of Chino and Chino Hills

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Monday – Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: By Appointment

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We enjoy working with a wide variety of service businesses.

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Community Size

185,000 / 2 Cities

Support a Cause

84% of users

Multiple Businesses

78% supported

Preferred Fundraising Platform for Local Businesses
Richard Simms Founder

Community and business support

This is my new favorite app! Love that I can support local businesses and shopping just by uploading my receipts!.


Local Chino Resident

Kate Schadler Founder

Thinknlocal is a fantastic app

Love this app! It has introduced me to local businesses AND a portion of my purchases go to a good cause. That’s what I call a win win!


Local Chino Hills Resident